Tipping the Balance

Tales from the Crypts

The characters, still licking their wounds from their last fight, decided to rest. As they wake they decide to retrace their steps into the entrance chamber and go through the Von Jallach doors.

A square bounded by glowing runes dominates the floor in this room. The east wall has two doors. The walls are covered with empty alcoves designed to hold dead bodies.

There they find a pair of Needlefang Drake Swarms and a Gnome Skulk, which the quickly defeat. In the ajoining room they find Adronsius the Dwarven Alchemist.

As they find this room a dead end the head back the way they came, through the hallway with the holes in the floor to the Rivenroar Family crypt.

Five hobgoblins stand amid four stone sarcophagi in this chamber. A side chamber to the east has two marble altars. A spiral staircase made of wrought iron ascends from an alcove to the north. And there’s a hole in the floor in the northeast corner. There are also double doors on the south wall.

As four of the hobgolins are defeated a sixth hobgoblin and a guard drake join the fight from the stairs. After this fight they decide to rest.



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