Tipping the Balance

Feeling Feverish

Upon waking, the heroes discover Adronsius trying to open one of the Sarcophagi. Knowing the items from The Hall of Great Valor have been taken and hidden in the ruins Adronsius and the heroes open the Sarcophagi to see if this is one of the hiding places. It’s not but they do find inside some treasure. Going through a door south they find something else.

Four statues of displacer beasts, their eyes glowing amber, stare at you. Beyond them is a candlelit altar. Tied to the front of it is a human female, her eyes wild with terror.

This fight of four Dire Rats and two Gnome Skulks ends quickly but not before two of the heroes, Darrak & Norroar, are infected with Filth Fever. They approach the altar to rescue Mirtala, and find she is catatonic with fear and Filth Fever. They must find a way to snap her out of it if they want to learn what she knows.



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