Tipping the Balance

Feeling Feverish

Upon waking, the heroes discover Adronsius trying to open one of the Sarcophagi. Knowing the items from The Hall of Great Valor have been taken and hidden in the ruins Adronsius and the heroes open the Sarcophagi to see if this is one of the hiding places. It’s not but they do find inside some treasure. Going through a door south they find something else.

Four statues of displacer beasts, their eyes glowing amber, stare at you. Beyond them is a candlelit altar. Tied to the front of it is a human female, her eyes wild with terror.

This fight of four Dire Rats and two Gnome Skulks ends quickly but not before two of the heroes, Darrak & Norroar, are infected with Filth Fever. They approach the altar to rescue Mirtala, and find she is catatonic with fear and Filth Fever. They must find a way to snap her out of it if they want to learn what she knows.

Tales from the Crypts

The characters, still licking their wounds from their last fight, decided to rest. As they wake they decide to retrace their steps into the entrance chamber and go through the Von Jallach doors.

A square bounded by glowing runes dominates the floor in this room. The east wall has two doors. The walls are covered with empty alcoves designed to hold dead bodies.

There they find a pair of Needlefang Drake Swarms and a Gnome Skulk, which the quickly defeat. In the ajoining room they find Adronsius the Dwarven Alchemist.

As they find this room a dead end the head back the way they came, through the hallway with the holes in the floor to the Rivenroar Family crypt.

Five hobgoblins stand amid four stone sarcophagi in this chamber. A side chamber to the east has two marble altars. A spiral staircase made of wrought iron ascends from an alcove to the north. And there’s a hole in the floor in the northeast corner. There are also double doors on the south wall.

As four of the hobgolins are defeated a sixth hobgoblin and a guard drake join the fight from the stairs. After this fight they decide to rest.

Decending into the Catacombs

The heroes searched the castle and found tracks and drag marks leading into the catacombs. As they decended into the catacombs they found:

Two flail-wielding hobgoblins standing ready in the center of this dank chamber. Braziers flank double doors on the north wall. Two goblins with crossbows stand in front of that door.

As the fight broke out it quickly became apparent that the goblinoids were no match for the heroes. They now had three choices of where to go, the west doors have a plaque on it that says “To Von Urstadt.” The north doors say “To Rivenroar Family.” The east doors say “To Von Jallach.”

Knowing the name of the castle was Rivenroar they chose to follow that path, and preceded through the north doors. Down a flight of stairs they found a rather large room

This room, filled with all sorts of architectural debris, has a wet, musty smell. Amid the ruins are all sorts of mushrooms, mostly with brown or gray caps.

Borrohm took it upon himself and headed into the room closing the door behind him, leaving his allies behind, to stealthily scout the room. Since his intentions were not spoken to the group, Darrak had no problem simply opening the door and walking into the room towards the next door. This action alerted two rage drakes hiding amongst the debris and mushrooms. Once these foes were felled they were able to properly survey the room and discovered two holes in the ceiling, one in the north-west corner and the other in the south-west corner, each with ropes hanging from the openings. Deciding to forgo the holes for now, they proceded to the door on the esat side.

In this room they see an old woman within a glowing magic circle. You can hear her muffled voice: “Get me out of here!” Norroar tried to find a way to get the old woman out of the circle, with no luck. Amata tried to see what he could do with his arcane teachings to get her out, no luck there either. Borrohm, using all of his tricks of the trade tried his hands at it, finally he was able to notice that the circle sometimes flickers out of existence for a split-second. Thinking fast he reached into the circle, grabbed the old woman, and pulled her out of it. After some careful discussion they find out that the old woman is indeed one of the captured citizens of Brindol, Zerriksa, and that she knows one of the others, Kartenix, is indeed dead. She agrees to follow them along the way, not wanting to go back alone, though she makes it apparent shes not happy.

With no way out of this room except the way they came they headed back, forgoing the ropes again heading back upstairs. This time they went through the west doors.

They ended up in an L-shaped room with doors in the north and west walls. A group of angry hobgoblins is near the middle of the room. Around the periphery of the room are bedrolls, sacks, and a roasting rack near the brazier. A narrow fissure in the ceiling carries the smoke from the brazier away. After a few seconds a couple of crossbow-wielding goblins joined the fight from the doors to the north.

Proceding through the north doors they find A hallway stretches north into the darkness. A jagged hole in the floor runs the width of the passageway about 10 feet ahead. Two ropes hang from the ceiling and extend down into the pit. Grinder pulls out a lantern and a couple jumps later they are on the other side of this pit. There they find a door on the west side and decide to head in. A picture in the middle of this room shows flickering images of a sinister castle in the middle of a swamp. It quickly becomes apparent that this is anything but a picture as a large Ochre Jelly rolls through it. Just before finishing it off a couple of Specters join the fight. Realizing this fight may be too much for them the heroes retreat, narrowly escaping death.

Finding the Castle

Without further delay, the heroes set off into the forest with their new map. Following the map and any signs of passing goblinoids the heroes treked and stumbled, with Darrak taking a nasty tumble a couple times, through the forest. After nearly half a day the heroes found themselves in a canyon. As they wandered through, Amata noticed the ground was a bit unstable in places. After few more paces a few chittering, armored buglike creatures emerged from the ground just north of them, and quickly moved in their direction. As the melee fighters engaged the two Kruthik Adults and two young, Amata moved west. What Amata didn’t know was he was moving too close to the Kruthik’s nest, and had alerted four Kruthik Hatchlings. Another thing Amata didn’t know was that he was on his own, for eveyone else had gone to fight the others. Hope was not lost, though, and the Kruthiks were dispatched. After a restful sleep the adventures contined on their jouney out of the canyon to find themselves overlooking the ruins of Castle Rivenroar.

Introductions; Brindol Attacked

The heroes have arrived in the city of Brindol. Some have come to answer the call, some have just wandered in to town, but they’re all caught in the conflict. Amata, the Shardmind Psion; Anendeh “Grinder” Thermstow, the Half-orc Warlord; Borrohm, the Bugbear Assassin; Darrak Nonami, the Dwarf Paladin/Cleric; Norroar Glimmergaunt, the Elf Monk.

The gentle hubbub of the evening at the Antler and Thistle tavern was shattered by the crack of the front door flying off its hinges to land amid the nearest tables. Four hobgoblins rushed into the bar, swords outstretched to skewer the nearest bar patrons. “For Sinruth! For the Hand!” they cried. Goblins came in later to set fire to the bar. The heroes made quick work of the intruders, dispatching them as quickly as they arrived.

The heroes didn’t have much time to rest though as it was apparent the raid on the town wasn’t over. From outside they could hear the cries of villagers in panic, and could see the running from something. Once they saw what it was they understood. A large Ogre, hitched to a wagon, was striding through town, throwing explosive casks and wreaking havoc throughout the town; two hobgoblins riding on the wagon didn’t make it any easier as one shot any one to cross their path and the other reloaded the cask pitching ogre. Though the fight wasn’t an easy one, the heroes did stood victorious in the end. The attacks subsided and Sinruth’s forces had retreated, taking what they had come for. The residents of Brindol spend the rest of the night putting out the fires that the goblins set, tending to the wounded, and keeping a nervous watch from the ramparts.

The next morning, the full extent of Sinruth’s attack is known, including the captives taken and the treasures stolen from the Hall of Great Valor. At that point, the heroes received the job offer from the Brindol town council. They meet with council member Eoffram Troyas,a new addition to the Brindol city council. As they talk with him, they learn who and what has been taken and they are offered a reward for the villagers safe return. They also learn that a hobgoblin from the nights raid has been captured and is being held in the stocks in the middle of town. Darrak stayed behind to chat with the council member while the rest headed towards the center of town to gleam any information form the captive.

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